PRP 8:00 am until 1:30 pm (Mon., Tues, and Wed.)
Tuesday Local Shopping
Monday & Wednesday Wal-Mart
Wednesday Co-Occurring Group
Thursday N.A. Group (as needed)
Breakfast, Lunch & Snack at the Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Nursing and Medication Monitoring As Ordered
Blood Pressure Screening on Monday At 11:30am
Case Management Everyday
Rehabilitation Activities directed toward the development or
restoration of skills including but not limited to: problem
solving, health education, socialization, symptoms
management, individualized services skills, conflict 
resolution, self care, independent living, nutrition education, 
recovery & life coaching, life skill activities & exercise
Pre-Vocational Skills
Community Integration/social skills i.e. library, parks, educational
excursions, community events, museums etc.
Accessing Entitlements
Substance Abuse Prevention
Accessing & Sustaining Housing
Basic Living Skills & Supports
Residential Rehabilitation Program
Safe Harbor/Compass House Residential Crisis Services offers intensive mental health and support services that are provided to an adult with mental illness who is experiencing or is at risk of a psychiatric crisis that would impair the client’s ability to function in the community and is designed to prevent a psychiatric inpatient admission, provide an alternative to psychiatric inpatient admission, shorten the length of inpatient stay, or reduce the pressure on general hospital emergency departments.

Safe Harbor/Compass House Residential Crisis Services is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and operates in compliance with COMAR 10.21.26 as well as with all applicable regulations, policies and procedures established by Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.

Safe Harbor/Compass House Residential Crisis Services are designed to avert or shorten the length of inpatient admissions; defuse a current crisis, evaluate the nature of the crisis, stabilize the client to the pre-crisis level of functioning and intervene to reduce the likelihood of crisis recurrence.  Safe Harbor/Compass House staff will assist the client and members of the client’s natural support system to recognize and take preventive action to resolve situations that lead to crisis, as well as provide counseling, training, and support for crisis prevention, identification, and intervention for clients and, if appropriate, their families.  Clients will be linked with services and supports in the community including, but not limited to, financial, educational, social, medical, and mental health resources that will enable the client to return to the client’s previous living situation or secure an alternative living situation and offer a home-like environment that provides goal-directed services to facilitate safe discharge from residential crisis services.

Safe Harbor/Compass House Residential Crisis Services assures that services are coordinated with, when appropriate:
(a)  A client's custodial agents;
(b)  Designated psychiatric emergency facilities;
(c)  Psychiatric inpatient facilities;
(d)  Psychiatric rehabilitation programs;
(e)  Outpatient mental health clinics;
(f)   Somatic care providers;
(g)  Schools
(h)  Other agencies involved with the client, including, but not limited to:
•  Local departments of social services;
•  Department of Juvenile Services;
•  The local education authority;
•The local coordinating council (LCC)
•  The local management board; and
•  Criminal justice agencies
(i)   Other public and private providers of mental health services to a client.

Residential Crisis Services
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. Rehabilitation and Support Services
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. rehabilitation and support services (onsite and offsite) may only be provided to a client consistent with the client’s IRP or ITRP, and by staff who have been determined competent by Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. to provide the services. Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.’s goal is to ensure that Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program provides rehabilitation activities directed toward the client’s recovery and the improvement or restoration of skills.

Rehabilitation and Recovery Activities
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. will provide self-care skills, including personal hygiene, grooming, nutrition, dietary planning, food preparation, and self-administration of medication.
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. will provide social skills, including community integration activities, developing natural supports, and developing linkages with and supporting the client’s participation in community activities.
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. will provide independent living skills, including skills necessary for housing stability, community awareness, mobility and transportation skills, money management, accessing available entitlement and resources, supporting the client to obtain and retain employment, and wellness self-management skills.
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. will provide activities that support the client’s cultural interest.

Medication Services
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. staff member shall provide the following services for psychiatric and somatic medications for clients that require medication monitoring as specified in the IRP or ITRP.
Support the client's self-administration of prescribed medication.
Read the medication label to ensure that each container of medication is clearly labeled with the client's name, the contents, directions for use, and expiration date.
To the extent possible, monitor compliance with instructions appearing on the medication label.
Ensure that each client has secure, appropriate, and accessible space in which to store medications.
Observe and document any apparent reactions to medications and, either verbally or in writing and in a timely fashion, communicate to the prescribing authority and problems that possibly may be related to the medication.
Reinforce, with the client, education on the role and effort of medication in symptoms management.

Health Promotion and Training
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. staff will encourage health promotion activities, such as proper nutrition and exercise..

Promotion of Client Wellness Self-Managment and Recovery
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. staff shall:
Provide education and information regarding mental illness and recovery and support the client to identify effective strategies to assist the client to manage the client's wellness.
The strategies include, at a minimum, the client's identification of the
(a)  Potential challenging symptoms;
(b)  Warning signs of relapse;
(c)  Helpful interventions; and
(d)  Other people the client identifies to support the client's
The client's wellness self-management strategies shall be documented and may be incorporated in the client's IRP, Residential Rehabilitation Program Managed Intervention Plan, mental health advance directive, or any combination of these items.
The strategies shall be reviewed at the time of the IRP review and may be revised or revoked at any time at the request of the client.

On-Call and Emergency Response
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. assures that on-call and crises intervention services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, by telephone, to a client who has been admitted to the PRP.  All relevant staff shall assist the client to access, as appropriate, the OMHC, mobile crisis, residential crisis services, hospitals, and other service providers that are designated to provide crisis and emergency care and treatment.

Linkage with a Client in a Psychiatric Inpatient Facility or  Detention Center
If a Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. client is admitted to a psychiatric inpatient facility or detention center, Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. will make reasonable efforts to maintain ongoing communication with the client and the client's inpatient treatment team. To the degree permitted by the setting, Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. PRP staff serving the client shall participate in aftercare or release planning from that setting.

Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. shall maintain an average ratio of at least one rehabilitation staff member serving each ten clients who are receiving on-site PRP services, or receiving off-site services in a group. To achieve this ratio, Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. will exclude the program director, consultants, volunteers and trainees. However, students may be included if in calculating the ratio, five rehabilitation staff  are on duty for each student.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.
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