Thank you for visiting our website! I would like to give you a more detailed explanation of what we do here at our organization. Our mission and vision at the Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. combines the efforts of our staff to help individuals have community integration with building empowerment and advocating for them whenever and wherever possible. Helping those individuals we serve by giving them the ability to make informed decisions and increase the ability of a shared decision-making environment. Also, allowing them to make these decisions without judgment, stigma, or fear of ridicule. My staff and I believe that the recovery for individuals living with a mental health illness can occur and with help from our organization, we can help these individuals rise to the challenges in their lives on their own terms and never be afraid to stand alone.

I can say first hand, I have seen the caring and compassion our staff here at the Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. has for the individuals we serve. I am excited to work with so many who have for years gave of themselves not only to the Lighthouse, but to the individuals and the community. I know going forward this organization will be the Shining Light in the Stormy weather of Stigma, so that we can all navigate through the storm together. We thank you, for all you that support those who are in recovery from mental illness and addictions. Working together, we can achieve our mission of transforming lives for people with mental illness and addictions.

Thank You

Thomas J. Killian, Jr.

Executive Director
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.