Residential Crisis Services offers intensive mental health and support services that are provided to an adult with mental illness who is experiencing or is at risk of a psychiatric crisis that would impair the client’s ability to function in the community and is designed to prevent a psychiatric inpatient admission, provide an alternative to psychiatric inpatient admission, shorten the length of inpatient stay, or reduce the pressure on general hospital emergency departments.

Clients will be linked with services and supports in the community that will enable them to return to their previous living situation or secure an alternative living situation. A home-like environment with goal-directed services to facilitate safe discharge from Residential Crisis Services will be provided.

Our Respite Care Program provides a temporary alternative living situation to assist the individual’s caregiver by temporarily freeing the caregiver of the responsibility of care for an adult with mental illness.

Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. owns a community based Crisis/Respite House which is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Safe Harbor is located in Oakland, Maryland.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Referral completed by a licensed professional
  • Mental health diagnosis that is listed in COMAR
  • Is able to care for physical needs and basic personal hygiene
  • Is a Maryland resident
  • All client records are confidential

Safe Harbor  Residential Crisis Services are designed to:

  •  Avert or shorten the length of inpatient admissions
  •  Defuse a current crisis
  •  Evaluate the nature of the crisis
  •  Stabilize the client to the pre-crisis level of functioning
  •  Intervene to reduce the likelihood of crisis recurrence.

Safe Harbor Staff will:

  •  Assist the client and members of the client’s natural support system to recognize and take preventive action to resolve situations that lead to crisis
  •  Provide psychoeducation, training, and support for crisis prevention, identification, and intervention