“Lighthouse helps make me more outgoing”

“Lighthouse helps me with transportation to stores and appointments. They help me get out and have things to do. Because of Lighthouse I have someone to tell my good news to.  I like my Case Manager”

“They get me out of the house. They take me to all my appointments. They take me on trips. Lighthouse helps me have a place to talk to people”

“Lighthouse helps me with my depression and are able bring support to me”

“Lighthouse helps me with transportation to doctor appointments. They help me to keep a good relationship with other consumers here. Coming here keeps me from staying at home and being alone and I can laugh again. LOL”

“I’ve been coming to Lighthouse for 4 years. They help me in my alcohol recovery by getting me to my noon meetings on Wednesdays. They have helped me with food and shelter. They have helped me with educational programs and groups are knowledgeable”