Melissa Rank, President- Melissa has served as the President of the Board of Directors for Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. since September 2014. Melissa was born and raised in Frostburg, MD. She received her BSN from Frostburg State University and her master’s degree in Nursing Administration from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. For more than 30 years, Melissa served as a nurse in the US Air Force and achieved the rank of Major General. She has been “in the trenches” in times of war and has received numerous military citations and awards. Since returning to her roots in Western Maryland and retiring from military service, Melissa has been an accomplished local servant. She has made a difference in Garrett County impacting women’s education and equality, community mental health, veteran’s services, programs for the aging, and community outreach as part of her church. Melissa also manages Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.’s Treasure Chest.

Kimi-Scott McGreevy, Vice President- Kimi-Scott has been a member of Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.’s Board of Directors since April 2017. Kimi-Scott is the Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Development at Garrett Regional Medical Center.

Charles Wilt, Treasurer- Charles has served as a member of Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.’s Board of Directors since 2018. Charles holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, a Master’s Degree in Health Administration, and a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Corporate Compliance. He has served as project director for multiple federal and state grants for community health, dental health, behavioral health, and insurance benefits counseling programs. Charles is a lifetime resident of Garrett County and resides in Oakland, MD.