Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.
   P.O. Box 116
   Oakland, MD 21550


Mission Statement

The mission of Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. is to provide personalized psychiatric rehabilitation services to those with serious and persistent mental illness through empowerment and integration into community resources while advocating for clients’ personal growth through ethical practice.

Vision Statement

Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. envisions a future where individuals with mental illness can engage in informed choices and shared decision-making through receiving necessary community supports and quality psychiatric rehabilitation services without fear of judgement or mental health stigma.

Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. is a private nonprofit behavioral health organization since 1992 that provides psychiatric rehabilitation services, residential rehabilitation services, residential crisis services and respite services to adults with serious and persistent mental illness in Garrett County, MD.  Residential crisis and respite services are also provided in Allegany County.  Delivery of services meets the needs of the individual in a manner that is respectful, responsive, and responsible.

Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc. services are licensed and approved by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) for Garrett and Allegany counties.
"  Help In Stormy Times"
Garrett County Lighthouse, Inc.